PK Crazy Bird dare publicity seal

bird dream of "good"

      be sure to come here every webmaster friends have a dream heart, birds have a dream and "publicity bird", he is a "good" with this ideal in the heart of dedication and work. Read the bird, can be said to be very good. Especially for a new webmaster is definitely a big bird worship, no other webmasters experience the spirit of dedication. The bird is so simple but I don’t see any publicity. The bird I understand is: to teach the new owners how to step by step and explain some of the station site optimization experience and shortcut. A new webmaster read his article inspired a lot, if a webmaster do not have some basic knowledge website bird said, it is definitely not a secondary station. He is standing in a new webmaster how to solve the current premise of confusion to write, but also every webmaster will enter the road.

The impact of

bird not "good"

      I think the bird is not publicity publicity he writes very plain, plain reason personal views of the following:

      1 birds from deep culture university run down, have a deep cultural atmosphere of constraints. He wrote the text on behalf of the orthodox and plain, is inside the school trained him for years. He can use words to express the feelings of his overbearing, use plain writing skills to meet the society.

      2 bird is just graduated from school soon, he needs to be stable and the accumulation of personal first fortune, he may use sternly criticism of the society now? He can Zimingqinggao defiant wayward to writing?

      3 bird himself said he was together in collaboration with other people to write, straightforward to say is designed to write soft website writers, we can see the bird’s article each inside with small delicate ad. Write the purpose of soft is to win the most people’s identity, and write a strong criticism of the reality is the opposite of the doctrine, bird to lose their jobs to write realistic criticism, at least now writing is not good for him. He is still writing articles from simple plain mass, welcome to take more personal capital and the achievements of the future more real "publicity" bird dream.

crazy are really crazy Taiwan

      seal a how crazy I do not say you are visible, I in the "Internet writer –" lotus elder brother has put and he and sister Furong of personality. I’m afraid you don’t remember where I have a quote in Taiwan in the webmaster online classic classification:

      1 rest assured, in the past ten years, I am not a teacher, but people like to call me teacher.

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