The new P protocol Pv6 more than 3 million U S users

George, a senior research scientist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Center, said IPv6 has been growing steadily since the launch in June of 6 this year in Michaelson. Michaelson gives a set of IPv6 current usage data. According to the data provided by him, the current U.S. IPv6 users over 3 million 300 thousand, accounting for the number of U.S. national number of 1.35%. In addition, although the IPv6 of Romania occupy 8.73% of its domestic, but after all, the country’s population base is relatively small, so in fact they IPv6 users only 756 thousand.

in Japan, the number of IPv6 users up to 2 million, accounting for the total number of the country’s total of 1.97%. In China, although only 0.42% of the percentage point of view, but in view of the huge population base, the domestic IPv6 users have reached 2 million 120 thousand, no less than japan.

IPv6 is the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet Task Force) designed to replace the current version of the IP protocol (IPv4) next generation IP protocol (Engineering). Michaelson said it was really did not expect the use of IPv6 will be so optimistic.

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