The father of computer viruses Paradox of shadow life

following the black hat conference in Las Vegas, another Internet Security feast will be held in china. The second China Internet Security Conference (ISC2014) with the United States as the biggest names gathered black hat, the world will have over one hundred security experts gathered in Beijing, and these heavyweights, the father of the computer virus Fred · Cohen is no doubt that the bright star in the propagation of the most dazzling light.


1975, the American writer John · Bleuler, published a book called "shockwave rider" of the book, John · Bleuler, the imagination in this book information society like, this is the first time someone sketched out the prototype for future information era, a close to the computer as good and evil the two sides struggle story, became the best seller list that year. This could not have happened for decades or even hundreds of years.

in November 3, 1983 however, everything about the computer as a tool of all evil battle fantasy halted, because of the evil side of the fighting tool, computer virus was born, "Sasser Knight" in a book published after only 8 years, and all the prototype blueprint into reality. When still a student at the University of Southern California, Fred · Cohen in the UNIX system, write a copy and automatically between computers infected breeding programs causing system crashes, the storage medium of antique, spread on the computer floppy disk.

although some experts have warned that the computer virus may exist, but Cohen is the first to put it into practice. Unfortunately, this program did not cause the attention of professors at that time, until Cohen in order to prove his theory will be published in the proceedings of these papers, the academic circles at that time caused great repercussions. In 1987, Cohen put forward the concept of "computer virus" in his paper "computer virus", which is also the definition of our academic circles.

in just a few years later, the computer virus has spread to all over the world. It is hard to imagine that a program can thrive like a life like, and Fred · Cohen’s remarks is more like a computer virus "Name: computer viruses are not using the operating system errors or defects of the program, it is a normal user program." In 2009, the most famous selected American Broadcasting Company in the United States in the history of the five computer hackers in Fred · Cohen on the list, and the father of computer viruses in the name, in the history of the development of computer writing under a thick and heavy in colours.

Cohen may also have a feeling, he opened a Pandora’s box in the future many people will pay a huge price. Therefore, in the creation of a computer virus shortly after Fred · Cohen.

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