500 thousand purchase of caihong com Shengdong pass Pang pushing rainbow M

December 28th, according to sources, Pang Shengdong for the promotion of its self-developed IM products "Rainbow instant dating software, for a consideration of 500 thousand yuan for the purchase of caihong.com top-level domain, as the rainbow IM official website.

According to the

51.comIM division general manager Zhang He introduced the name rainbow rainbow positioning a brief note that IM is a real-time dating tool, it is like a bridge in the bridge between people, can better communicate through interaction between the user and the rainbow bridge, the shape is like a bridge. It can be a good interpretation of the characteristics of the dating software. But he refused to disclose the relevant information on the caihong.com domain name transaction, the rumor 500 thousand RMB price declined to comment.

according to the informed sources, the second half of 08, 51.com has completed the acquisition of the domain name caihong.com, roughly just in time the Tencent against the "rainbow QQ", Pang Shengdong announced to stop the "rainbow QQ".

in March 2005, Pang Shengdong had to buy 980 thousand RMB 51.com domain name, and soon launched a strong offensive to enter the field of SNS. 3 years later, he bought the caihong.com domain name again, enough to see Pang Shengdong’s determination to enter the field of IM.

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