Qihoo 360 won the 3600 com global popular digital domain

digital domain in China has great market, recently Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name 3600.com, from the case can be reflected, the digital domain can resist the charm of the page to access the 3600.com domain name Qihoo 360 official website 360.cn.

industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of 3600.com domain a lot of attention, it’s not clear how the domain specific amount of the transaction, but the query understanding, 3600.com domain name information last change time is September 2010, insiders speculated that the domain name system was acquired in September last year.


3600.com domain name and Qihoo 360’s official website domain name is very similar to 360.cn, the acquisition of the domain 360 domain maintenance company brand advantage, and the domain name is a domain name suffix.Com, more international, more favorable to further promote the international market, industry insiders speculated that the 3600.com domain name or the company will become the 360 brand new. The other, 360.com domain name is not in the hands of Qihoo, the previous 360 companies want to buy 360.com, but the acquisition failed.

digital domain because of its universal, both at home and abroad are very popular, especially in China, because of its simple digital domain name easy to remember, more people are chasing sticks, this type of domain name frequently enabled launched website, such as China Mobile’s acquisition of domain name and enable 10086.cn to launch online mobile service platform, integrated search site buyers enable digital domain king 88.com on-line set group purchase and recruitment, navigation, ylmf enabled 115.com domain name to launch 115 SkyDrive platform.

domestic digital domain at home and also frequently been trading at high prices, such as the cost of 1 million 800 thousand yuan for purchase of 116.com domain, 666.com domain name transaction price repurchase and so on, can reflect the digital domain name is worth a lot of money, in addition, in the name Chinese platinum channel also shows some of the best digital domain name, such as 137.com, 566.com, 266.com, 08.com, 881.com 799.com and digital domain, the digital domain with high collection and application value.

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