Alipay will take high fees to the end of the month will cover 200 lanes

news September 19th, Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway said, after a month of trial run, before the end of the month, the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo will launch Alipay payment function at the 200 exit toll lane, the Shanghai Hangzhou highway, Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway covered under the jurisdiction of the high-speed, all three high-speed exit toll lanes, to provide convenient payment services for travel the vehicle to improve traffic efficiency.


is expected soon, will be in the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Hangzhou Anhui Expressway, Shanghai Jiangsu and Anhui Shenjiahu expressway, Hangzhou high-speed Hangzhou section and Huzhou section, Yongjin Expressway in Jinhua enabled.

it is understood, is located in Hangzhou Jianggan District Peng Bu Zhejiang Expressway Hangzhou toll station has support for Alipay, currently more than 2000 owners of the first to experience.

in the artificial charge window, in addition to cash, as long as the owner opened Alipay, select home "payment", the toll sweep can scan the code with a gun to complete highway tolls to pay.


billion state power network learned Hangzhou toll station in eastern Hangzhou is the main city, Hangzhou is the only name for the "Hangzhou high-speed toll station". Toll station staff said, the owners take the card, payment of cash, the lift rod average time is 20 seconds, now use Alipay to pay the entire process, the average time is 15 seconds, greatly enhance the speed of traffic.

it is understood that the toll charges every day to the indoor lent enormous change, receive cash, toll and counting, cash, bank and other aspects of the review work. Use Alipay as a cash manual toll lane supplement, not only the convenience of passengers, to alleviate congestion problems, but also enhance the high-speed internal cash management.

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