Yangcheng Lake crab battles online rankings top click of a 200 yuan

every time the network click, can let the Rong crab Sales Manager Chen Xiaofeng moved heart blood". "This, may be a ‘Leonardo’." He said helplessly. The crab season has not yet come, Shanghai Commercial crab "bloody battle" market "war" had sounded. In addition to fight resources, fight prices, fight customers, fight service, the fight online ranking has become a top priority. In order to make their own crab in the home, and even appeared in the top three, with money to "fight" keywords ranking has become involved in the reality.

reporters, currently in Shanghai, if you want to appear in Baidu search crab "the keywords of the page, no more than 60 yuan to pay per click" think ", and if the top, click on a price even more than 200 yuan in. "This can not be said to have been exaggerated, it is crazy!" a crab boss pointed out.

one day bidding fee three thousand yuan

"you will see my website directly, don’t lose the domain name, Baidu ‘hairy’ three words." Chen Xiaofeng half jokingly said, "save me some money."

can have the strength to open crabbing, still lack this money? In the face of a reporter’s ridicule, Chen Xiaofeng Shuangshouyitan said, "the light one day auction fees will be able to more than 3000 yuan, this is a


can be said that the crabs War didn’t calm, the resources to fight, fight, fight, fight prices of customer service, in addition to the competition, online Baidu ranking also fierce, in order to make their crab can make customers more eye-catching.

Chen Xiaofeng had opened the Baidu computer query crabs bidding, the result makes him "wounded", appeared on the front page of the floor price is 60 yuan, to be a "first", it will need to pay 200 yuan per click charges.

click the site a day 50 times, at least $3000." Chen Xiaofeng some depressed, just a moment ago, with the same IP address for 3 consecutive landing, so no more than $200. Do not know is really a customer, or was malicious click."

use time to fight a

with the head broken and bleeding "to describe Shanghai crabs network ranking competition, not much. In Hangzhou, one of the top three crabs bidding but the price more than 10 yuan, the local boss had shouted "too much".

this price, in Shanghai is not competitive." Chen Xiaofeng disdain said, Hangzhou’s two crab boss constantly in the business with high price, but also in a "battle".

the network ranking for extremely practical, as long as there is plenty of financial backing, can own crab always appear in the most eye-catching position. One example is Chen Xiaofeng for his own crabbing day only a few hours of "front right" with 3000 yuan, when the account is exhausted, he was immediately behind the other crab.


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