The road to profit is more than an ad two

2001 years ago, most of the elite of China’s Internet is to accumulate wealth in the advertising heap, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Wang Zhidong…… However, a 28 year old young man, Chen Tianqiao, has used his legend to prove that there are more and younger opportunities for the Internet economy, in addition to the overwhelming advertising.

July 2001, Chen Tianqiao left, with the rest of the money to buy the South Korean network game "legend" of the China agency. 2002, legend for the grand creation of more than 400 million yuan of income, Chen Tianqiao himself and his family to maintain a full stake in the grand company.


has a lot of controversy about Chen Tianqiao, but I think there is one thing is certain, that is, he dug a pit in the Chinese Internet, in the ad will be flooded in the network dug a bucket of gold. In 2003, Chen with 40 of the wealth in the Internet China wrote a thick, although the 40 billion contains a number of young people with blood and tears.

Chinese Internet is excited, Chen’s success is a very tempting fact, so "follow", "follow", "slander", "herd" almost Chinese Internet all virtues in the most incisive 2003 show.

few people want to continue to look for the new world in the network, technological innovation is the vitality of the Internet, and the conservative mode of operation is the poison of the internet.

I would like to say that the country has been very prosperous, and now very prosperous, the future may also be very prosperous personal site. Before many personal Webmaster Station will have been making advertising to the only way, even a few days just opened site visitors don’t have much but put a AD placed in a prominent position, while ignoring the actual content of a site should pay attention to what website.

if before 2000, individual stationmaster decided to take AD mode, I will praise his vision, because it is a multi billion (or even more) way (about network advertisements see me in IT writing articles), but not now, even said that the future is to have a chance.

I don’t need to, for example, many personal Adsense practice has been proved this point, why is it difficult to stand alone AD model, and even said that it is impossible to succeed? Where is the way out? What kind of station can still go AD mode, commercial station? These questions I will discuss with you in the next chapter, welcome friends to join the discussion.

[gossip] in 2000, the Chinese Internet has never occurred before the revolution

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