After eight hours Wowo listed abortion from calm to runaway

[Abstract] on the evening of the day before U.S. stocks has not yet opened, there is a private message spread in the media, the official website of the upcoming NASDAQ listed companies list is not the name of our.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 5th

from the submission of the prospectus to postpone the listing, and then to update the prospectus, and then to the final life and death period. Even calls in the more than and 30 media live connection, Wowo is still not successful listing. A trace in the stock for many years, the reporter said."

chaotic connection site

at the beginning of 2015, Wowo submitted IPO application, but has repeatedly delayed the time to market. The deadline is March 31st litters listed, but the media attention Wowo until the time in April 1st 0 (China time April 1st 12) is not related to the news.

thought it was a cause of the market, but on the morning of April 2nd, Wowo suddenly sent a message: "tonight listed media connection."

according to the media content display, Wowo will be in Beijing in late April 2nd 24 listed on the Nasdaq, plans the highest public offering of 5 million 175 thousand shares of American Depositary Shares of ADS, including the highest awarded underwriters 675 thousand shares of ADS, the highest total financing amounted to $59 million 330 thousand.

for the previous question the ultimatum, Wowo responded that the company has been in the United States on March 31st formally received the approval of the entry into force of the IPO, two weeks to complete the listing can be, so no problem what listed in April 2nd. In a listing of the litters temporary dialogue group, several media have said privately to the PR Wowo said: "ten points tonight listed."

technology in April 2nd 21 when the Tencent arrived at about connection of the hotel, the site has more than 20 media, the next hour, there are a number of media have rushed to the scene, a conservative estimate of the final number of more than 30 media. This looks relatively normal, several websites reporters began to discuss the number of litters listed financing is less, after the listing will break.


connection according to the original schedule, the media will be listed on the site in 22:00-22:30 and Wowo mall CEO Xu Maodong line, and then watch the bell live. But a news began privately circulated in the media, the official website of the company to be listed in the name list and no litters.

things start to get weird and get out of control.

21:30, told the media that Wowo, NASDAQ’s video has a little problem in the original video link will be changed into a telephone connection. But wait until the original 22 points, even good phone connection also disappear. The whispers in the media, Wowo PR responded that the company executives are with the broker >

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