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statistics show that in 2007 the amount of Internet investment decreased by 27.7% compared with 2006. Since last year, venture capitalists in addition to investment in the video site has been added to the outside of the new board did not make any investment. The video industry is a very large demand for funds in the industry, only the cost of a network of potatoes on the bandwidth of more than Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other portals total bandwidth costs. What will be the impact of the reduction of the risk of the video industry, the video industry will therefore enter the era of integration with the problem, the reporter interviewed the Internet Celebrities Hong Bo. In his view, there is no need to integrate video sharing site, but the video site to tide over the need for cross industry cooperation.

reporter: in 2007 the amount of investment in the Internet compared with 27.7% reduction in 2006, which is the main reason for what the video industry will cause what effect?

Hong Bo: the Internet to reduce investment, on the one hand, two years ago, a fast growth of investment callback; on the other hand, the management idea and management technology and management level, and the mature chain business model, including catering, daily consumption of traditional industries emerged a large number of investment opportunities, which attract a lot of investment. Of course, the field of the Internet, especially in the field of Web2.0 has not been able to bear the fruit of the business, but also to some extent, to combat the enthusiasm of venture capital. This is nothing to worry about, investment is conducive to the reduction of Internet entrepreneurs return to reason. Venture capital is profit driven, as long as it can really create value, no need to worry about investment.

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video site down, and investment reduction has a great relationship. User demand for Internet bandwidth, roughly in line with Moore’s law, which is growing bandwidth, the price is getting lower and lower. In the long run, the bandwidth cost of video sites will be lower and lower, but at this stage, the video sharing service is a large amount of money needed to support the business. On the other hand, by the special situation of China, the network video is a huge policy risk investment. Despite the commercial prospects of video applications is very attractive, but the huge investment coupled with a huge policy risk, so that venture capital is normal. However, the venture capital has been obtained, and has achieved a market leader in the video site, should not be much affected, but the door to the video application has been basically closed to the latecomers.

reporter: almost all of the major video sites Mister said 2008 is a profitable video site, the development of things can really be like they want?

Hong Bo: large video sites can profit in 2008 is not easy to say, but in 2008 is certainly a positive exploration of these sites into a profit model of the scale of the year. Video sharing service does not have mandatory programs, its profit model can not copy the traditional tv. But from another point of view, policy constraints, in fact, has become a shield to protect the existing players, because it prevents the entry of competitors, LIMITED

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