Cai Wensheng Niu Wenwen Zhou Shaoxiong Zhang Hao and other large coffee Xiamen speech

what’s happening this afternoon in Xiamen,


Victoria Hotel Security said the car surrounded by

more than and 800 people from noon to squeeze into the banquet hall


big coffee Niu Wenwen suddenly unveiled

big coffee Zhou Shaoxiong suddenly become 25 years old

big coffee Cai Wensheng blew out the first pot of gold


China’s most entrepreneurial community

dark horse will open fourteenth "operation

" in Xiamen

wants to start a business to find an organization


dark horse will have nearly 10000 members and investors, has helped to set up 348 companies to complete the financing from the total amount of more than 11 billion 200 million yuan, accounting for China’s venture capital market of 10%. Today’s class tickets for a minimum of 80 yuan, the more than and 800 per ticket, which shows the dark horse will be attractive.

micro messaging mechanism as the strategic Associated Media, deeply involved in the conference organization, following a large coffee is full of wonderful record:

Cai Wensheng, chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, the well-known Investor: I was in 2000 to rent a room near Xiamen Electronic City


you horse camp friends good afternoon! Niu Wenwen president invited me to participate in this period of time, especially in Xiamen, I am duty bound, Niu Wenwen had established a review of entrepreneurs in 2008, has been seven years ago, President Lisa was established cattle entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and innovation we know today in fact nothing strange, to prime minister Li Keqiang, to the folk people all know, but seven years ago the concept of entrepreneurs is not the same courage, I must set the magazine is the entrepreneur magazine. With the entrepreneurial atmosphere is getting better and better, Niu Wenwen established the dark horse camp, according to my understanding, the so-called dark horse is not before being appreciated, before being optimistic, but eventually I am also a talent shows itself, the dark horse, so I wore a black dress.

Zhou was my entrepreneurial idol, I asked them to the north and south of the entrepreneurial atmosphere are not the same as what in Beijing? There are seven wolves, Anta, 361 brands in Shishi, they do not know why, I said the biggest difference between the north and the south, north of the business if successful, then the people around is more jealous, think what he will succeed, he what is crooked ways success, then come up with a variety of reasons to question him, but in the south, especially in southern Xiamen this place is just the opposite, we will say next to this success, he made a lot of money, I want to learn he, more than him, which is why in the entire city of Jinjiang is making shoes, Kimi are doing the processing of clothing, a person.

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