Baidu internal mail exposure for Wenchuan earthquake donations

news May 13th, 7.8 earthquake on May 12th in Sichuan County of Wenchuan Province, Baidu company in call to donate, to help the affected people in earthquake relief. Baidu Inc internal mail.

Baidu Inc internal mail

to all Baidu:

the afternoon of May 12, 2008, 7.8 earthquake in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Gansu Province, Shaanxi Province, Hubei province and Yunnan Province, the sudden earthquake disaster to the epicenter near the earthquake caused serious damage, the impact is huge.

for family members affected by the earthquake, if you need any help, please also feedback to the human resources staff care team ([email protected]). The disaster is coming, the company also called on all Baidu to support and help the people with the most practical action. The human resources department and the public relations department has set up a temporary team for the first time, to find a feasible way to support and help the people in the disaster areas, and open up the staff to the people in the disaster area donation channel, by the Department designated responsible person unified collect your donor funds.

in addition, the company also Chinese and the Red Cross to maintain close contact, not only on the Baidu website launched Chinese Red Cross brand zone, on "earthquake", "Wenchuan", "Sichuan", "donation" and "relief" and "rescue", "Red Cross" and other words of priority to the promotion of the Red Cross assistance ", still" earthquake "," Wenchuan "," Sichuan ", Post Bar encyclopedia" earthquake "," Wenchuan "at the red cross set up" significant link; at the same time, because of the Red Cross website access difficulties, also in Baidu’s own server for the establishment of the Red Cross donation area. ,

attached: donation path:

in order to make everyone’s assistance in an orderly manner, as soon as possible to convey to the people in the disaster area, the company proposed donations and related arrangements are as follows:

1, to the Department as a unit for donations, please specify the Department Director of the Department responsible for the collection of contributions to the Department details, see Annex format.

2, this donation can be considered in accordance with the amount of donations given by employees in the payroll before tax deduction, donors need to tell the amount of donations can be. Please all departments responsible for the donation must be in accordance with the attachment form to fill out the Department’s donor number, name and donation amount.

3, daily 15:00 PM for donation statistics time, please each department of the person in charge of the donation in accordance with the annex form the summary of the Department’s donation, and unified sent to donation mailbox ([email protected]).

4, the reunification of the deadline for donations in May 20th.

in addition, the specific implementation of the donation of each branch staff, according to the arrangements of the Department of human resources.

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