Ma 3 billion 300 million yuan acquisition of the Hang Seng group the largest shareholder of the Hang


technology news April 3rd morning news, according to Hundsun announcement shows, through its absolute control of Zhejiang Ma Rong Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang rosan") completed the acquisition of 100% equity interest in Hang Seng group, after the completion of the acquisition, Ma Hang Seng Electronics will hold 20.62% of the shares by Hang Seng group, become the first major shareholders. The transfer of the initial purchase price of 3 billion 299 million 394 thousand and 233 yuan, the actual payment of the final purchase price may be adjusted according to the agreement.

announcement shows that in April 1, 2014, the Hang Seng group held a shareholders meeting and made a resolution to agree to the acquisition, the 17 shareholders of natural persons and Ma signed a share purchase agreement. Hang Seng group holds 127398928 shares of Hang Seng electronics, accounting for a total of 20.62% of the shares of Hang Seng electronic shares. After the completion of the transaction, Ma will be 100% stake in the Hang Seng group through the Zhejiang financial letter, and indirectly owned by the Hang Seng group has a circulation of shares of Listed Companies in the interests of the shares of 20.62%.

Zhejiang financial letter is currently engaged in the main business is to provide administrative support and risk management related to the background services, the future will be based on investment management business. Shareholders for Ma and Xie Shihuang, respectively, 99.1365% and holds a direct stake of 0.8635%. The acquisition of 100% equity interest in Hang Seng group of funds from Zhejiang financial letter of its own funds of $1 billion 700 million and no more than $1 billion 700 million in bank loans. Among them, the Bank of Hangzhou branch of Ningbo branch of Minsheng Bank and the Hangzhou branch of the letter to the letter to provide more than 1 billion 700 million yuan of credit funds to pay for the purchase of the intention of the purchase price of.

Hang Seng electronics said that after the completion of the acquisition, the listed company will continue to maintain asset independence, personnel independence, financial independence, business independence and institutional independence.

the transfer price shall be paid by the Zhejiang financial letter to the seller of the transaction in cash respectively according to the following arrangement, as follows:

(1) advance payment: Zhejiang financial letter should be in the "share purchase agreement" signed within the working days of the seller to pay RMB 30 million yuan ();

(2): the first price in the first delivery, Zhejiang rosan pay for the Hang Seng group 24.12% of the shares of all for the price of 659 million 878 thousand and 847 yuan (including prepayments);

(3) the sum of the price of the second: the second delivery, the Zhejiang financial letter of the Hang Seng group of all the remaining shares and pay the initial purchase price of 70%;

(4): delivery delivery tail tail the amount of money for final purchase price deducts the first price and second price of the pen. (Chen Hui)

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