Red net will give rise to new business models more rely on advertising and electronic business

[Abstract] now, through the live broadcast of APP everyone can achieve a net red is also easier.

red, is referred to as network reds. Net red is not only the hottest words, it is still an era. In this era, there are changes in the network mode of red rain, there is a network of red economy and network red ecology, in the future there is the realization of the economic model.

in the mobile Internet era, through live APP, everyone can achieve a live webcast, becoming a net red is also more and more easy. In the near future, when the realization of the economic model of the network is becoming more and more clear, which may not only be a trend, but also a kind of common career.

Origin of

network was born in chat room red

before 2008, "net red" in the public chat room.

public chat room is the beginning of the Internet where the Internet chat, it has attracted the first batch of Internet users. Statistics said that in 2002 around the size of some large online chat rooms can be maintained at ten thousand. "The first batch of network chat room is a cradle of anchor, but also create a hotbed of show mode and a fan of the economy." Internet experts describe the early chat room.

in the public chat room, Internet users are free to chat and make friends. In the era of Internet instant messaging just emerging, strangers dating model has not "shake" and "nearby people", netizens are keen to meet new friends in the public chat room. Each chat room, there will be a young and beautiful girl, wearing a headset, sitting in front of the camera and the chat room friends talk and sing. Some netizens won the anchor giggle and flirt, praise, of course, is more roses, cars and villas and other virtual items.

however, good times don’t last long. 2003 Microsoft closed the first public chat room, followed by in 2008, NetEase, Tencent and other public offices have been closed. Well-known Internet observers Hong Bo (micro-blog) that causes the decline of the public chat room, one is because of the additional service of public chat rooms can provide very limited; two is the site of the need to maintain small cost, but it is difficult to find a profitable way; the three is the chat room often hidden pornography, privacy etc. the problem.

chat room is extinct, but the network is not red.

around 2008, the entire Internet industry is on the rise, but the video site in this area has been seen as no future. This time, a large number of Web site to save a red video." Internet experts play jokes.

video circle at that time, the hottest is not the word "net red", but "9158 mode"". 9158 was originally a Internet Co, which set up a video chat room on the web, through a group of beautiful female anchor singing, dancing, selling Meng, flirting and other ways to attract fans. Fans in order to get the female anchor’s heart, often ho throw daughter virtual gifts, female.

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