The domain name registrar network performance history the world’s fastest growing best

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IDC review network survey, from March 8th until March 29th, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar, the top three for the United States, and China million net in the fourth row, is a review of IDC network statistics to now, the best results in a network.


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, GODADDY of the United States as the world’s largest domain name registrar of course ranked first, and the total net growth of the domain name is much higher than in other countries. The largest domain name provider HICHINA (Chinese nets) finally caught up with the new network, a domain name registrar Chinese closely with the fastest growth, ranking fourth in the United States after the Registrar, and according to the statistics to the present, a history of the best. The world’s top 20 fastest growing domain names, only the United States accounted for 6, China accounted for more than 5 seats.

among them, XINNET.COM (new network) ranked eleventh, HEBEIDOMAINS.COM ranked in the top 15, 55HL.COM (Chinese data) is ranked in the sixteenth place, business China (BIZCN.COM) ranked in the top twentieth. In addition to the above 5, there are hundreds of global within 4 are: DNS.COM.CN (Xinwanghulian) ranked 32, GZ.COM (famous Holdings) ranked thirty-fourth, TODAYNIC.COM (Internet Era) ranked fifty-fourth, 35.COM ranked fifty-ninth (35 Internet).

although the GODADDY domain name registrar in March 24 announced the cessation of the company’s Chinese domain name registration business. The company also announced that it would not seek to register CN domain name. It doesn’t have much effect on it or cn. Chinese domain name in the global growth speed is not because of this thing and behind other countries, Chinese million net, new network 5 domain registrar in the world top 20. In general, Chinese domain names have a pivotal role in the growth of global domain names.

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