Baidu alliance partners will be the first to enjoy free advertising housekeeper

September 8th news, it is reported that Baidu has been focused on the development of online advertising management system – Baidu advertising Butler will soon be on the line. Free, professional, easy to use will become the three highlights of the system. According to Baidu official said the system is currently in beta phase. Officially launched, Baidu alliance partners will be the first to enjoy the free system, believe advertising management, advertising and data analysis of advertising Housekeeper will better help website easily, bring more high-quality services and benefits for all partners of Baidu.

it is understood that the main functions of Baidu advertising Butler are: advertising, advertising management, data statistics and other related services. The system can automatically manage ads according to the site’s launch strategy, optimize the free advertising images, flash space, provide advertising display, click rate related reports and other services. Web site only need to set up a good site advertising and advertising content, and then put advertising and advertising related to the source code corresponding to the location of the site can be inserted. Among them, the ads are set up a number of personalized options, which is also one of the powerful features of Baidu advertising housekeeper. In addition, the site can also be targeted ads targeted advertising by the established area. Baidu advertising housekeeper can be based on the visitor’s area, access, visit time, browser, browser language, operating system, computer resolution, source domain, was interviewed url9 ads targeted release. For example, the website advertising only for users in Shanghai, then you only need to select the "Shanghai" in advertising oriented regional settings, this website can be targeted ads to the target population, to enhance the accuracy of the advertising and reasonable distribution of web advertising resources.

compared to other advertising management system, the station has a significant increase in the analysis of the view data report, according to the needs of the analysis of the data in the form of sub regional show. Baidu advertising Butler front full use of Ajax technology, in addition to having powerful features, simple and easy to operate features will be more welcomed by the alliance partners. In addition, the webmaster can use Baidu’s advertising housekeeper Wangmeng to promote cooperation complementary function so that the quality of advertising is no longer free, to maximize profits.

Baidu advertising housekeeper system used by first coalition partners, Baidu alliance operation service system to further optimize the performance, but also for Baidu alliance partners more let " " the most powerful interpretation of the concept. Industry analysts believe that Baidu will become the site management of advertising advertising Butler a powerful tool, it will be launched to promote the rapid development of the Baidu alliance website, but also will enhance the overall performance of the rapid boost Baidu alliance which is an Internet advertising marketing platform.

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