12306 site to avoid the collapse of the secret climbed up the Ali cloud

2015 Spring Festival train ticket sales volume hit a record high, while the site operates 12306 railway system did not collapse. Behind this is the cooperation of 12306 and Ali cloud.

2015 spring festival ticket peak day in December 19, 2014, 12306 site visits (PV) 29 billion 700 million record, PV more than 300 thousand times per second, the day a total sale of train tickets 9 million 564 thousand, the Internet sale of 5 million 639 thousand copies, accounting for 59%, are a record high during the spring festival.

12306 this time to carry out a large concurrent request centralized bombing.

specific reason is that more than 12306 votes from the query system to separate their own background, in the cloud on the independent deployment of a set of more than a ticket inquiry system. More than 90% visits to the site of the flow of traffic accounted for nearly 12306 of the site’s traffic, which is one of the main reasons for causing congestion in previous years.

the ticket with high frequency and high consumption, low conversion of query link into the cloud, and the order and pay the "core business of small and light" to remain in their 12306 back office systems, such as the burden of many ideas 12306.

12306 of the world’s busiest sites are known as the

peak. A cloud computing industry veteran of the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, the electricity supplier online shopping orders and tickets, concert tickets, ticket is similar, its dimension is less, the difficulty in concurrent processing system in large scale; but different train ticket is a line from the starting point to the end point, halfway any site can generate a ticket, the increase of dimension brings geometric complexity growth.

independent third party cloud service providers are trying to find business opportunities, Ali Tesosenden, the latter’s own cloud services have experienced double 11 Shopping Festival test. "One of the common features of the two is the large concurrency (referring to the large-scale centralized request), the two is the need for elastic computing." The source told reporters that this constitutes the opportunity to take 12306 Ali cloud.

borrows an image of Ali cloud cloud computing internal metaphor, like a group of Dallas a car, the car loaded goods more, more add a few calves to pull a calf is not obedient, and replace it with other companions, elasticity, flexibility and scheduling; while the original IT architecture is a ox pull the car, it was bought, can pull the number of goods is certain goods, suddenly, or Daniel sick, car broke down.

railway information system is a branch system covering all the huge monster single ticket query, and other independent business logic, the use of cloud computing to process, does not need the website of the business architecture do disruptive transformation, can do "plug and play", this is acceptable on the 12306.

a person in the industry 19, the first Financial Daily reporters, said the ticket is a relatively independent inquiry module, inclusive

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