Three forms of blog traffic

  many bloggers agreed to blog promotion, of course there are dissenting voices. And this article also wrote for the need to promote the grassroots blog to see. I also hope that these experiences can be shared with more. About grassroots traffic, we should be treated with a normal heart, but has not been studied in their own limited flow? No estimate. The author, through the application of traffic code, background analysis, get a lot of unexpected surprises. It is easy to know that the other party is from where to enter my blog, is through the search engine or through the website login, is China or foreign areas, etc..

  3, PV page browsing traffic: refers to the number of page refresh, refresh every page, even if a PV traffic. General blog comes with statistical code in the final analysis is a Java program, by a number of parameters to achieve a variety of counts. When visitors visit the page, this code is loaded to achieve statistical functions. Page refresh every click, page PV traffic will be +1. And the code is set in the home page is the first statistics, the total station on the page is the total statistics (recommended). Blogs are now taking the latter, we see the flow is that most of the PV traffic, rather than IP traffic, but not UV traffic.

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