Search engine ASP service from Chinese website

According to the China Internet Information Center, the Sixth China Internet development statistics report,   search engine is the second largest Internet application after e-mail. China’s 55.91 % of Internet users use search engines to provide Internet search services. A good search engine is very important to attract users and increase the stickiness of the website. But the search engine is a very high technology content of Internet applications, development and operation needs to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, the cost is very high.    

– high reliable   service;  

The structure of the   1, high availability


system each part adopts redundancy design N+1. When an exception occurs in a work module, the redundant module can be started immediately. The system can detect the abnormity of the module automatically and switch automatically. There are two redundant modules:  

standby redundancy (Standby  Redundancy)   redundant module does not put into use in the work module works normally, only when it is in abnormal work module is enabled, once the original module returned to normal. "

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