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wrote yesterday at the blog marketing from WuMeiShi blog (1) – WuMeiShi blog, today to:

The first part of the

has said that a non official propaganda window WuMeiShi blog is GBS, not only can through the blog this very popular form of publicity GBS programs and ideas, also can judge competitors of GBS (of course this is to have a certain reason, is not a simple street), and even to complain about GBS development difficult in strict restriction of SARFT, get public sympathy, in short, as a GBS non official speech window, played a very good publicity effect on GBS, causing the audience to GBS under the Hunan satellite TV programs and the day’s entertainment for the artists of great concern that is a very good enterprise blog marketing case, therefore, I combine the WuMeiShi blog to talk about how to carry out the enterprise blog marketing.

big business blog marketing role:

1, blog can be used as an unofficial propaganda window. In WuMeiShi blog, so many are those who broke the news official can not say, but it is the public want to know the information. This time, WuMeiShi blog and it can play the role of non official platform, released some of the game’s insider, published some of SARFT’s view, comment on the performance of the competitors, the GBS presents a more complete image to the public, make the public recognize a more real GBS.

Of course,

, GBS as an entertainment conglomerate, has its own characteristics, while other large enterprises to blog as a non official propaganda window enterprises also need to pay attention to the contents of the selection, the specific circumstances for the industry. This blog is mainly through the unofficial platform to release some VW wants to know the news, but this news can not damage the corporate image, some of the rules in this industry can not be destroyed, otherwise it will bring great negative influence.

2, through the blog to investigate public opinion and suggestions for the enterprise. WuMeiShi blog content is good, although there are many flood posts, but there are some views and opinions on popular GBS also, in a few blog WuMeiShi also deliberately encouraged everyone to express their views and comments, based on these comments, a collection of summary, GBS can look at their programs so, make the program better.

enterprise blog, through to the message analysis, do some research on the blog, so you can find a lot of problems existing in the enterprises, as long as the enterprises face these problems, the enterprise can develop continuously in the public supervision. Compared to spend money to find a survey to investigate the company, the feedback received by the blog more real, more representative of the public views on the enterprise.

three, enterprise blog can increase the promotion of enterprise products. See WuMeiShi blog, although told everyone to watch GBS programs, but did not say the name, it is because of insider information constantly reveal these programs, causes the people to the festival.

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