Why do companies do not have the effect of network marketing

is now more and more enterprises realize the network marketing charm, started to do network marketing for the enterprise, whether it is the limitation of production, technology, service, trade type enterprise can through the use of network marketing to eliminate with the customer’s time and space. However, the network marketing is not to do it, you can do a good job, it is not one or two days can get excellent results.

many network marketing companies do not effect or the effect is not good, every click, no traffic, no consultation, there is no deal, why to see others doing booming, to own this low-spirited it, network marketing companies do why didn’t



one, there is no network marketing plan, disrupt the war

enterprise website marketing according to the actual needs of localization and the purpose of the establishment of network marketing strategy, network marketing methods are all kinds of many enterprises, a superb collection of beautiful things, what want to do, which is to try to see others do good QQ email marketing, immediately do, others see micro-blog do, do, see WeChat hot, and quickly began to do, see QQ space counter attack, once again opened the account in the East West certification, hit one shot, one did not make effect.

do network marketing is taboo too much, everyone knows it, only know fur, mostly only on the surface of no depth, no creativity, no long-term planning, but no effect in vain. So, network marketing companies do first we should have a clear objective, to identify the user where they love what, what to pay attention to and make a major offensive strategy, at this stage to determine which one is the main need to recommend the targeted marketing strategy.

two, there is not enough money to invest in

network marketing for its low investment, quick effect, without time and geographical constraints, such as a series of advantage to win the worldwide most favored enterprises, but enterprises do network marketing and traditional marketing need capital investment, a lot of network marketing in the network marketing research report the largest enterprises hinder when budgets are keep for a long time in the first place. Some companies claim to do network marketing, the results of a decent point of the official website are reluctant to spend money, literally spend hundreds of garbage station.

if the network marketing companies do not willing to invest is not good to do network marketing, is free is often the most expensive, network promotion also need cost, the money would have to spend, if you do not want to spend money on that it is just Sike, wasting your time.

three, no standard marketing website

as mentioned above, many enterprises to do network marketing, the official website is not willing to spend some money, even more to create a standard marketing website, website marketing is to achieve a specific marketing objectives, thoughts, methods and skills of marketing into the web site planning, design and production the web site. Good search engine performance

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