Baidu should do classification information search

under the constant impact of vertical search, the previous horizontal search is gradually losing a large number of users. Among them, as the search giant Baidu still plans for their C2C and seemed to not take into account the bustle in the. In the Internet for the network especially for more and more depend on search engines, they urgently need in the next previous information search results by looking at the premise to have better and more accurate search results. Although the recent Baidu has changed its web page weight algorithm, and some use CN domain name of the spam site to refuse, but for the classification of information and information search, but did not touch the final key problem.

such as cruel dispatch such classified information search engine has become the industry vanguard, let users begin to experience the superior experience brought by information search after thinning. Users in the search for the information needed to use the time will be reduced, the convenience is natural, but also in terms of life information search has gradually established its own brand. This search engine in China more than one, many users have begun to withdraw from the previous search, began to frequent use of this kind of search engine, this will inevitably lead to Baidu search terms in the application of information flow has decreased. Nature is not the way if things go on like this must have their own, more information for the classification and application of information search to resist the strong.

But now Baidu search classification like

except MP3 and news, and several other special classification information search engine compared to the gap is too large, has been difficult to meet the needs of users. And several other search giant also began to have action, such as Google began to put the blog search to recommend to the user in the first place, while YAHOO intelligent search area is the epitome of vertical search. Baidu is still the best and most trusted by Chinese Internet users search engine, becoming the first choice for many users. Talk about the past, "said Baidu is bound to its massive reserves can give users more choice, but now has changed. The user is not only a large number of search results, but also need to search results can meet the requirements. Because the keyword search, the result will be only a very small part of the results are in line with the requirements of the user.

vertical search is referred to as a supplement to the traditional search model, but it is not easy to see. Baidu does not need to develop specialized classification information search, just need to increase the number of categories to search the project can basically meet the needs of users. A variety of personalized search services to be able to get the trust of more users, rather than only occupy the mainstream and abandon the refinement. Baidu in the search engines is better than cool news, if it can be in the classification of information search, do homework is naturally able to firmly occupy the whole market leading.

in particular, the classification of information in e-commerce, especially B2C and C2C have a greater benefit. In Baidu’s C2C program, the importance of the importance of the search engine should perhaps be changed to the importance of classification information search, so that users are more convenient to find the business

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