Webmaster website must be on the grounds of Statistics

first, the webmaster web service object is the webmaster, webmasters are undoubtedly need statistical system, the webmaster of the biggest demand you don’t pay attention to, which you pay attention to what?

second, stationmaster net to guide website, Jiyang network, leading webmasters right direction.

does not have an independent, first-hand source of statistical data, then only follow the analysis of others. When will you be able to truly establish your authority.

third, Adsense network to understand the basic situation of the webmaster website.

from the discovery of the focus, find the problem, find opportunities, find talent, find the potential of the site, not only to the webmaster network service owners, but also to find opportunities from the service, access to benefits.

fourth, the webmaster network to consolidate and enhance the status of rivers and lakes must have their own statistical system.

look at the Chinese webmaster nets, 51, which is not through the statistical system to consolidate and enhance their status. Google, YAHOO statistics, Baidu statistical systems have been involved in the field of online statistics, as a professional service webmaster webmaster website you should not start to launch their own statistical system?

fifth, Adsense network to consolidate the relationship with the webmaster must launch statistical system.

webmaster must pass the link statistical system closely contact webmaster, webmaster can every day on your website to see the information, the basic situation of post, but not one day does not understand their own web site statistics system.

sixth, the webmaster network to make full use of their webmaster resources must be on the statistical system.

webmaster nets have their own large number of webmaster resources, these webmaster resources you want to be a service to retain, two is to develop profit, no doubt on the development of statistical system is the best way to develop your profit.

seventh, the webmaster network has a statistical system, it is more than a promotion platform.

eighth, Adsense network to learn to integrate resources, put the pace of rapid development.

website is not only a requirement for the industry to be realistic, but also requires the development of new and fast. You cannot expand through the integration of resources, advantage, and others will expand through the integration of resources and advantages, and you, holding you, you, your occupation until beyond your segmentation. For example, there is a relatively good, just launched the statistical system bubble statistical system (www.pppop.cn), the function is not only perfect and meticulous, very humane. Once the webmaster network can obtain this resource through cooperation, will undoubtedly expand the strength and status of the webmaster network.

ninth, the competition needs webmaster network must have their own independent statistical system.

Statistical systems are all the

service station, from the analysis of the same target market, target users of these perspectives, each statistical system can be one of your competitors, your own website statistics on your competition on this lifeline "

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