How to share the promotion of Taobao customers get directional flow techniques


is one of the guests in recent years have been more popular Wangzhuan project, because of its easy operation, flexible way to promote, you can through the construction site operation promotion, can also use the QQ group or blog to promote. Today, I mainly talk about the use of site promotion is how to get directional flow. Well, gossip less, directly on the text.

directional flow as the name implies, is targeted traffic, such as we have to do is the shopping site, so we need is for the shopping crowd, and need to be online to watch movies or play games to traffic on our website is useless. Directional flow can also be called high quality flow, and high quality traffic is the high conversion rate. Well, here.

method 1: use the long tail keyword

long tail keywords we are not unfamiliar, the long tail word is one of the easiest way to bring directional traffic. I am here to talk about the use of Taobao single page to do the long tail word. First of all we have to promote the products from our single page to start, select some heat is not high, but the good quality of the long tail words, for example, we want to promote the "drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids treatment", we can according to the four words are in the key word, choose good keywords, the next step is to optimization of it, let it have ranking optimization rankings, because the heat is very low, so it is not too difficult, we can use some weight higher BBS, such as the A5 forum, the laggards, text keyword connection, every hair some outside the chain, I believe that with the content on the website keep updating, not half ranking can be greatly increased.

method two: the use of QQ group to bring directional traffic

QQ group promotion who don’t know, you might say, but many webmaster in the QQ group promotion website often in order to save often choose to use mass software, although this high efficiency, but the effect may be poor, because most of the people did not see your information off the chat window. The author’s suggestion is that the efficiency of the results. We promote your site in the QQ group do not enter a group began to send advertising, should first and group of people, slowly know, then wait until the time is ripe, and then the third party to promote their own websites, so as to increase the content of credibility, but also get a lot of really useful orientation absolute flow, "two birds".

method three: use soft Wen promotion

said Wen, we may find it difficult to write and trouble, actually writing soft is not troublesome, for example I want to promote the Taobao customer product is the treatment of hemorrhoids drugs, we can write some articles about the treatment process, added AD, certainly not too obvious, also called to the promotion of the use of third square. Another good soft Wen, equivalent to thousands of directional flow. Of course, a lot of friends will say that the soft is written out, but the effect is not obvious, in fact, the problem is generally in soft text >

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