How important is the five point of thinking about social media marketing

07 years began to pay attention to when Twitter reports, the beginning of the 09 year when playing any meal, then when Fanfou was shut and play the Sina micro-blog, did not think today "social media marketing" by industry and customers to give so much attention. In our service a number of customers, the practice of some projects, participate in some of the proposals, with some activities, after the experience of some experts in this field, there are certainly some thinking, or active or passive. These thinking may not solve a lot of problems, but if you can trigger a more in-depth thinking of the stakeholders, it is worth writing down, outgoing.


"social media marketing" of the term

it has been said that 90% of the world’s argument is a dispute of the noun, it was added that the remaining 10% is also a noun dispute, not without reason. Social media marketing, from the English social media marketing, has also been simplified or rose to "social marketing", Taiwan translated as "social marketing". Some comparison of the soil directly into micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing God horse. At first, we are quite exclusive in the name of the channel platform directly behind the marketing, because it seems like what can be added to the two sides behind the sale of the word, I’m afraid there will be a day of pole marketing, road edge marketing. But when the industry a lot of people say, brick home teacher also said that customers will recognize this argument, so Baidu Adwords, buy micro-blog Marketing Marketing Company than to buy "social media marketing" a lot more.


noun or end in order to facilitate communication, so when we communicate with Party A is what how convenient, most is to spend some time occasionally explain what are the similarities and differences of social media marketing and network marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, new media marketing noun. Although there is no big obstacle in the communication, but the name of the specification is still necessary, rigorous naming will help the development of this field more scientific.

can only be done on the social media platform


referred to social media, the first thought of micro-blog, WeChat and other social media platforms, as the name suggests, many people will think that social media marketing is to do marketing communication on social media channels. This is not wrong, but the idea is not open, if the early can also rely on social media platform independent make a big impact, with the value of marketing communication platform quickly by mining, audience attention is relative to the unit that is being continuously diluted dispersed, so integration of social media in the from the online and offline channels, offline or online channels other action in the social media caused the discussion and dissemination of. For example, in recent days the heat on micro-blog high Coca-Cola personalized packaging event, the main job is to perform online dissemination and discussion topics, and is the realization of online amplification and before the fire; micro-blog had "poly body" and "VANCL style".

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