Good use of classified information network for your network promotion plus a strength

a lot of friends in the network promotion, website optimization, but the ultimate purpose of only one or sell products, or sell service, I also have been studying the promotion and optimization of SEO network, through a lot of practice for a long time, now also is to help it, recently optimization and promotion of a computer maintenance and training the company website, found that if the use of classified information can also bring a lot of effect


below to analyze it, do the website is computer maintenance training, through the optimization of a period of time in which several keywords have lined up with the Baidu Google home page, which mainly do the business of computer maintenance and computer maintenance training, computer maintenance * * row to Baidu fourth, Google fifth, because the front some are old station, the weight is higher, and the chain are many, PR is not low, the word competition is intense, because also the word search volume is the largest, like other macrura * * * * computer maintenance, computer maintenance, computer maintenance company is * * three * *, computer maintenance training is the first time, according to said this situation should have very good results, but still not many customer growth, preferably through the analysis found that these add up the search volume Is not very large, to achieve good results, we must grasp every customer, increase the channel customers find. The classification of information is a good channel!

the current classification information has a feature included fast, the weights of the site within the chain is high, rich, specifically for the optimization of the website, may be the long term they are spell but, but if you go to him according to certain ideas to achieve the ultimate that is quite effective, the mainstream of the classified information website there are 58 city, go to the market, the list… Very much, took me to do the station business, mainly with maintenance training, maintenance of the search index can also have a certain flow, what basically no * * training flow, indicating potential user training this scattered, so to solve this problem, I would select all can be used in the classification of information the site, then the free training classification of the local optimal points do, classification of information inside the free information optimization:

1 to optimize the site to optimize the idea of a single page, the title of the selection, the layout of the content keywords, are very important, as long as the general release will soon be included, and get a good ranking,

2 every day we often go to maintain the release of information, because it is not a person in our hair, as long as the others we will go down, because there are more customers not to search our single page, but into the classification of channels, channel weight must be higher than single page to be high, so we must keep our information has been ranked in the top, so it can get more browsing! Ranking methods are similar, in addition to money, generally rely on integral refresh, re released, credit rating.. These can refer to the help of the site can easily understand!

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