Octopus TV C round of billions of dollars of financing has been pushed to the end of the new model o

octopus TV recently announced the launch of new features: the barrage and sports combine live; the company said, hoping to attract the best anchor added a variety of interactive form.

octopus TV said that since April on the line, the average daily active users octopus TV nearly 3 million, in August revenue reached 1 million yuan. In addition to spending money to sign star anchor, the selection of fans is an important way to dig anchor TV octopus. The octopus TV has included Fu Xiaofang, the former striker Xu Liang, more than 3500 people every day TV anchor team, 1000 hours in the broadcast platform.

octopus TV how profitable on this issue, Zhang Xuan at the scene to do a demonstration. The sports anchor and together, through the barrage, sports anchor user dialogue, communication from one-way into a two-way, seemingly minor changes, but essentially completely changed the traditional way of broadcast sports video. The props, quiz, answer and other forms of interaction, to guide the user through interactive props to express their emotions in order to achieve pay.

TV founder Zhang Xuan said the octopus, octopus TV hope to give a love for live sports people a chance to have the ability to anchor who provide a platform, and through the form of a barrage, allowing users to express their voice. This is exactly the difference between octopus TV and other sports broadcast platforms.

It is reported that

, TV IDG, won the octopus Morningside two tens of millions of dollars of investment, C round of financing has been coming to an end, the amount of 100 million yuan level. Octopus founder Zhang Xuan TV is confident that in the general trend of the outbreak of the sports industry, the state of All in, continue to lead the interactive live sports market.

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