Take a look at the nternet age 80% marketing is how to fail

modern society is the information explosion to unacceptable degree, every day people are surrounded by countless information tightly, and full of rubbish countless. Even if you do a good marketing plan, it will inevitably be overshadowed by the surrounding information noise. The position of the traditional marketing channel advantages and emphasis on the mobile Internet have collapsed and even changed the position of sale network, numerous slobber have drowned too much of the story.

is not a marketing opportunity? No, surrounded, in many of the noise are also some special rings can break through the information surrounding talent shows itself by everyone’s attention, but often, these impressive waves are usually some specialized marketing company achievements. Some "smart" enterprises put the marketing task is given to these agents, but the effect how? The stock market tells you that a stock of historical data for reference only, the future who also said not clear, if a marketing agency can guarantee some of what, then you be careful of his with a glib tongue.

in addition to the risk of marketing facing the noise, the marketing staff is also facing a huge pressure – Marketing budget. Now we understand the wisdom of how it is accounting, the company’s other departments are often able to come up with specific performance to explain what is spent is the cost, that is, how much can still have some benefits. The marketing department, how to use what analysis method can clearly explain your budget is not cost? A program came out, in addition to being left a knife a knife to cut the budget right, marketers often take a counter argument, even if you take it out, the reason is based on possible on the basis of probability……

"why is this month’s marketing budget more than 30 thousand last month is not the only?"

"we increased this month in two areas of advertising, but also on the advertising people were screened, this work will be the money."

"did the screened people not send fewer ads? Why do you want to increase your budget?."

he said that I was speechless……

if you can overcome these obstacles, marketing plan for you so confident? Of course, we have the most excellent planning team, the top master copy, through careful research, in-depth analysis of the customer, precise positioning, business school all requirements of everything we have done, we have made about our company’s growth is a very attractive brand story and so on.

yes, these are the marketing personnel’s masterpiece, especially the brand story. But often a lot of marketers have ignored a lot of details, even in the story and the story, the results wasted a good publicity opportunities. Let’s look at some of the classic myth of the brand story.

brand story, just their own story

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