My opinion on the promotion of website navigation website

think that year to 50 million acquisition of Baidu hao123 launched a web site navigation of the storm, a rise time of various web site navigation, and site navigation station before long, a large slowly on the Internet to hide traces. But on the other hand, a part of the vision of the vision of people who have seen the industry site navigation business opportunities, began to establish a strong professional navigation site.

but the site navigation has its congenital defects: included less, low ranking. So how to promote the site has become a lot of problems facing today, I am here to share their views.


is to do the promotion, the first, must put their appearance and content to do, professional navigation station to attract users, it must understand the needs of users, such as navigation station of the iron and steel industry, you can add some of the latest quotation of raw materials daily on the front page of the navigation station; women class, you can add some of the daily diet at home.


do the preparatory work, your navigation station must more how the user needs, can let visitors get more convenient, then began to officially start the promotion, according to the author, can be divided into 5 main parts:

a, resource exchange

exchange of resources relatively is probably one of the better ways of promotion, you can cooperate with some of the relevant industry website, home page on your web site up to add the other site links, in exchange for an advertisement of website of the other side, because you both customer groups are the same, so the effect better.

two, soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion relatively better than bundled marketing, but soft and not sent to the portal site will certainly have the effect, is mainly the analysis of your customer groups, such as your main financial web site navigation, you can text to sina finance, financial Sohu, finance and other media on the horizon; if it is done women in navigation, it can be sent to the network, such as the beauty of the mother and other media.

three, email marketing

with the Internet knowledge level, email marketing to obtain the customer’s effect may be getting worse, but many people do not know, in fact, email marketing is an effective way to get advertisers, general formal enterprises, because of busy things, many are communicate by e-mail, so if your navigation station develops to a certain the scale, you can use e-mail marketing to promote your website to get more advertising.

four, activity marketing


activities through online and offline, let the target user to get some practical benefits, attention to slowly your site, but this requires a certain ability to control resources, relatively complicated to do.

five, bundled marketing

bundling marketing may be some of the best software, such as the installation of some games, >

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