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brand attention is rising, the market is bound to appear after the occurrence of extreme red sea. When supply is less than demand, as long as the focus on products to meet consumer demand continue to improve, to seize the channel can live in moist; since the beginning of 2000, the economy entered a rapid development period, people’s material life level increases rapidly, while the brightest products blossom everywhere, when we face the Super City, Ling Lang everywhere products has been dazzling, the development of electronic business platform, numerous fields the numerous small brand was born, imported goods become and make our choice with extreme ease, greatly increased.

high school reading a book called "heaven to the left, Shenzhen to the right", referring to a pauper how to become a leader in the washing industry through a "Iraq clean" name, and then enter the billionaires club. 80 of the last century, in 90s, to create a brand of the method is relatively simple, the media master most consumers attention, then there is no so many TV stations, magazines, not so much entertainment, only that time may have only four kings.

as the most convenient way is simple and crude, the fight is the courage luck and money. In that environment, on the one hand the one hand advertising, TV channels, saw the home where you can buy, sales profit big advertising, to create a brand for having heard it many times we.

look now in the market environment, like just a field is in a red sea. As a subversive myth in our vision, attention from the past that the highly centralized environment has been completely liberated, many screens appear in our life, time is the separation of information overload greatly weakened all a hideous mess, our ability to think independently, not to judge it was something new to attract.

we are not unfamiliar social marketing, viral marketing, word of mouth marketing, WeChat marketing and so on nouns. People must set a name means the emergence of these new ways, so that some people can be used as a weapon to cheat to get money, or those who do not have the habit of independent thinking of the people as "the bible".

fortunately, I, as well as the article to see you, most of them should be in a second tier cities, focusing on the latest scientific and technological information, keep pace with the development of the Internet, walking in the forefront of this era. Unfortunately, we have these people’s eyes was a lot of new things on the particularly high, easy to boring and boring, this thing is not fun, it’s LOW, we urgently need a lot of new things to satisfy the spiritual emptiness of the world.

we hope to emit aura is: I am involved in changing a part of the world.

so I wonder why the 58,, Jingdong, Ali listed, so much with these companies completely unrelated people in the circle of friends: congratulations.

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