From the blog to the site in 2009 really cattle

often heard many people say that use blogs to promote site is often used in the article said, through a large number of registered blog, can improve the site traffic, but I want to say is a blog that’s right, but also very effective, class do not ignore the quality of the blog, this is also very important.


began to learn SEO, they often see such articles, said a large number of registered blog can effectively improve the site traffic, I according to what they say has opened many blogs, including Sina, Hexun, 163, Tencent and so on, as long as the blog are open, but later I found out that no, why? Because I open the blog went bankrupt, no traffic, except myself every day to go outside, almost no what to see, this no more what, and too much I don’t have time to update their blog, some to later even landing do not remember the password.

spent a lot of his time and no effect, I decided to just open a good point of the blog, really put him to do a good job, really can bring some traffic, play a promotional role. By comparison, I find that in fact and the blog is good, the main function is good, can very good use of these resources SEO, my blog name and the name of the site I set the same, also called bud Chinese, put on some website information, of course, the most important thing is to have good content. Then I began to make some SEO optimization, the blog you think, do blog a few understand what is SEO ah, in this respect, I have certain advantages, the last is updated every day, really hard to do a blog.

a few days down, I found the blog traffic is good, compared to the previous situation better than a blog, just at the beginning of every day hundreds of popularity. This has been very good, after all, he is not a celebrity. Now, I completely give up other blogs, focus on the blog, I think, the light opened Bo is not enough, they will do it well this is the most important. In order to better play the purpose of propaganda, facts have proved that the IP of my site is also rising, although relatively slow, but at least it is useful.

said that, in fact, is simple, I think that blogging is useful, but do not have a large number of registered blog, even sending, so the search engine is likely to be regarded as cheating to dispose of, one or two opened a blog, and then to do something that can really play a role. Too much junk blog but on the website is not good

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