Wu Feng Secret Google Analytics site traffic statistics

Language Guide: website traffic statistics is indispensable to the webmaster tools, general webmaster traffic statistical tools commonly used with cnzz, 51la, Baidu, Google Analytics, said the exact most owners in the use of CNZZ, 51la and other easy to use platform, Baidu, Google and other Analytics website traffic statistics platform webmaster is not much, the reason is to use a little difficult, especially Google Analytics.


traffic statistics platform is divided into two categories, "website traffic statistics platform", simply provide statistical data analysis, data mining services not provided, such as CNZZ, 51la and other platforms; web traffic data mining platform, domestic only Baidu can do, can be said that Baidu is the data statistics and data mining platform complement each other however, the data mining is not enough to deepen, but can see Baidu in the continuous efforts, the other one is Google Analytics, Google Analytics is a very good website traffic statistics mining platform, due to the high threshold for the webmaster is Lin Mao Feng angle.


Google Analytics is difficult to get started, but the traffic statistics tool Google Analytics is the most popular product manager of Internet Co, the reason is that Google Analytics is more emphasis on data mining analysis, self made stronger, it is a product manager with creative jobs. I am also using Google Analytics, the feeling is very strong, both qualitative and functional, here also recommend webmasters to use more. May be some friends in the Google, Analytics statistical concept is still relatively vague, or that the lack of awareness on the inside of the real meaning of statistics, and today all secret Google Analytics site traffic statistics index.

access number (Visits)

The number of

visits refers to the total number of visits to the site over a period of time, that is, the specific number of sessions that are initiated by all the visitors on your site.

some friends may be heard here, let me slowly, in theory, a person to visit a web site, in general, is a continuous access to the relevant web pages. There are two special cases for 2 visits, such as access to a site of interest after closing the browser, open the browser is the two access number again, from reality, if not practical joke, does not appear to continue to open and close the site of interest; another case, inactive time by default on the Google website on 30 minutes or more, again counted as one visit number, for example 12 noon open web page, just met to eat and leave the computer, 30 minutes back to visit the site again, is the 2 access number oh. Let’s look at an example to enhance our understanding of access

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