FLYTEK Yi heard CEO Liu Shu the ability to model the product manager nternet plus time

in May 8th, everyone is a product manager and Tencent Forum jointly organized the 2016 China product manager meeting, iFLYTEK executive Yi heard redefined Product Manager Internet plus the era of President Liu Shu: commercial ability, product ability, operation ability, is one of the three elements of product manager competency model.

Hello, I’m Liu Shu.

I worked in Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, YY, from the beginning of the most basic product testing, and later to do product manager, and finally responsible for product, operations, business. It is easy to hear iFLYTEK ceo.

actually, a long time ago, I have been thinking about a problem: I do this product, if left the big platform (ALI, Tencent), how to do?

used to be a Tencent, do a small album products, do not need to be able to get 1 million users on how to promote; and for start-up companies, millions of users is actually impossible to achieve. So I have been thinking about a problem: as a product manager, what is the decision of a product bigger and stronger?

a game for me

until 2013, I used to work in Microsoft’s two colleagues, after leaving to go out of business, made a game in Google Market ranked first in the income. They return home, just hit me in the app store, so I made some cooperation; cooperation after the first time I realized that if they want to start a business, or as a higher level of product manager to polish a product, then the commercial ability is very important.

the first five or six years of my work, I was studying how to design a good product. But how to complete the polishing, the operation of a product, so that a product has the ability to commercialize, I see from their entrepreneurial projects. Of course, they are also later operation was very successful, just more than a year, is a listed company to buy ten. So it is the success of this project in the business, so I made some reflection and Deconstruction of the role of product manager.

now I am engaged in the Internet online education. From a pure Internet industry, go to Internet plus the industry, I think for me is a kind of inevitable. I am now out of the product manager, the person in charge of a project’s identity, the role of rethinking the product manager, I want to say today is: a good product manager, or if you want to start, in the Internet plus era, what kind of model should have the ability.

I think there are three elements of the product manager competency model: commercialization capabilities, product capabilities, operational capabilities. First of all, the most important thing is the ability to commercialize.


here are the product manager for four or five years, so for some interactive details, user experience, I am not here in detail, I believe people There are plenty of people who are better than me.

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