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customers we are not unfamiliar, Taobao is helping Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the turnover Commission (people may be individuals or website), formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. The birth of Taobao customers for the so-called forced to provide a living space. Don’t worry about supply, do not worry about customer service, do not worry about the channel and so on, so many webmaster pocketed a piece, while pregnant with sorrow, bitter sweet. During the bitterness and how many people will be?

today, a well-known person to write the article, which talked about how to make Taobao passenger traffic soared through the blog, which talked about the article, what the chain, what to share. Whenever people with experience will sniff at. Because, you know everyone knows. How to make traffic soared? How to increase sales, how to make a little extra money? The key is not told. To this end, combined with the experience of the masters do blog, talk about how to do with a free blog Taobao guest.

A: free blog selection

1, choose a free blog blog: we can not look at the weight, of course included, this is a must see. So, there is one thing we have to learn, the existing users of the site is our potential customer base, so we want to subdivide the user. So every day and night than the hair of the chain and so on, a lot of strong. In general, we choose the free choice of the four major portals blog, as well as Tianya, floor and other places.

2, to find the user: so for population subdivision, for example: I have some very famous Tianya users, especially the girl Ning Caishen and sister Furong, February. The average end users have received higher education: more than 81% of College users. Compared with other portals and community sites, Tianya user’s age, 18-35 years old accounted for more than 80% of users. Tianya also attracted a lot of people in the city. According to the official report, twenty-eight percent of users live in Beijing. As a result, their income is relatively high, more than 2000 yuan monthly income of more than $50%. This is just a simple example, more to find their own.

two: free blog settings

1, select the template: choose a favorite of their own free blog, the next is to set up the blog, if you want to be lazy can simply choose a set of styles and products up to the template on the line. If you want to do more detailed, then you can customize the template, take the time to learn a simple HTML language on the line.

2, to build classification: followed by the classification, classification and of course, the relationship between products, according to the promotion of different products, and the establishment of different categories. Secondly, Zhao Chun suggested that you can properly build a few personality categories. For example: the gift delivery area area, activity area, and so on, why do, mentioned later.

3, set up ads: some people say that there is no need to worry about setting advertising. I do not agree with this view. Advertising and

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