Since a on Taobao customer promotion

although very early to know Taobao off, but the real start of operation in 09 years in August. Why big brother gave me a "Taobao weight list" page at the time, and he told me that by the daily income of nearly 1000.

eggs recently asked me about the operation of Taobao, today I talk about what I know the promotion method.

a, ranking page.

was engaged in the time, the page landscaping, the following engage in some of the alliance LOGO, it can be fooled ah.


convenience, directly hang the window in the related sites of women, now spread, is not easy to do.

but with SEO and PPC techniques to promote, or good, to the intention of traffic.

Ppc generally put in Google, Google account only 50. Pictured:



we can continue to observe, if it is the same site for several weeks in a row, it is worth a try.

two, blog group promotion

use the high weight of the blog site to do long tail word.

every blog’s theme, slimming, whitening, freckle, breast and so on. Search engine to check the relevant words, do the long tail. Each blog to dozens of traffic, there are dozens of blogs, there will be a lot of traffic a day. If the blog on some simple packaging, promotion, the effect is very good. I have a buddy is engaged in, raised 17 different themes of the blog, are used to do Taobao guest.

is now a lot of people are doing, so, please do not simply copy the content of plagiarism, copying the same title, the overwhelming, let users see how search engine is not SB, included is very big problem.

I feel like I’m going to be a party at least.

three, e-book marketing

e-book marketing is a serious underestimate the marketing approach, in foreign countries engage in a fire.

e-book marketing has many advantages

1, the technical threshold is low, the general intelligence is normal, the 1 day will be.

2, easy to promote, e-books are more likely to receive the user’s attention, easy to spread the virus.

3, a long life cycle, look at the books in our computer, it is mostly a few years ago.

4, the group is accurate, click to view and click download, is a completely different behavior. The latter is more interested, so it is also accurate potential customers.

I have seen in my group: "Taobao’s most cattle 114 shops". "100 Taobao store" collected two of the Prodigal Daughter.

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