Baidu has ah can not add links outside the station to promote the promotion of the shop

Baidu has officially launched on-line operation, the number of people applying for shop surge.

Baidu shop also like Taobao shop can not add the station outside the link, which is extremely detrimental to the promotion of the shop.

in large and small web site, it is difficult to see the shop address was included.

this is because the site is required to log on to the web site, the first link to add as a prerequisite. Some also require top-level domain names. This led to Taobao, Baidu has ah and so on

shop managers have no place to log into your online address.

therefore, I have the manager interactive forum launched online collection station (, professional included online stores, online shop site, without any additional conditions, as long as you have

shop, you can log on!

this is Baidu has ah, a great boon, Taobao online store manager from the store manager with professional included promotion place.

finally, I wish you the manager Business Flourishes, bonanza



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