Discussion on the operation of local portal website from decoration channel

Yuyao life network was founded 02 years has been more than 7 years, how many have some promotion and operation experience, out to share with you, hope to do is to place the portal to help some friends, this is the original, reproduced please keep the bottom contact.

I started from the operation of the decoration channel to say three points.

a website content must be localized

do local portal site basically know this truth, but few.

Yuyao life net decoration channel 04 years, but the popularity as the information has been launched, real estate, square personnel channel, summarizes the reasons, think the biggest problem is that the channel content is not localized, then only some of the decoration channels from information information and decoration pictures, and several other channels, such as the information users have come up every square, released nearly a thousand pieces of information, the information is Yuyao local, and timeliness is very high. Because of this information, the information square has a very high amount of access, and with the user’s reputation, the rapid promotion of the entire site.

so in 09 years decoration channels revision, we pay great attention to the content of the localization, such as business cooperation with local materials make some small special group purchase, encouraging users to write the decoration diary, let the local decoration company issued decoration case and the design picture and so on, the core content in order to establish channels.

two, the site to commercial operation

our experience is a reasonable commercial operation not only to bring content and revenue channels, but also bring popularity and stickiness. How to commercialize it? I think in the commercialization of the site to consider the interests of the owners and businesses three parties, if the interests of one party is damaged, it is difficult to cooperate successfully, I still take the decoration channel:

cooperation with the decoration company is actually a process of exploration, but also to understand the industry, understand the customer process. Our initial cooperation is a shallow level, that is, to invite the decoration company to register members, published decoration case. I hope to enrich the content of website localization in this way, because cooperation is free, that oral decoration company is very good, it is not high enthusiasm.

then we have to think about other ways of cooperation.

in the depth of an industry, communicate with customers in the process, there are some new ideas, but also through the observation of the Forum Forum and excellent decoration decoration site, we try to develop a free room function, this function is mainly composed of two parts: < /p>

1, the amount of information submitted by the owners of the housing, such as the renovation of the residential area, size, Fangxing, budget, contact, etc., the next step to choose which several decoration companies to free room.

2, the company may be selected in the background to see the details of the owners, and contact the owners to provide free room service.

the way to work together

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