Honeymoon get a good hit 100 venture capital fund million Angel round investment

days ago, maternal and child care professional institutions preferred honeymoon officially announced, has been hit off the 100 Angel round of investment venture capital fund of 1 million yuan, and settled in the 100 hit off the incubator, to accept each other to provide service after the vote and the depth of counseling, lay the foundation for future high-speed and healthy development.


Chong 100 venture capital fund and honeymoon good signing site (front left): Chong off Cao Jian, chairman of the venture capital fund 100, honeymoon founder Feng Wei (


it is understood that the creation of 100 venture capital fund chairman Cao Jian only half an hour to make a good investment decision on the honeymoon.

good honeymoon was established in March 2016, uphold the principle of "home is the best confinement center" concept, to fully understand the 80, 90 young women and child mother of science confinement needs, the use of the Internet to the center of the open service process. The N on the 1 team service model, the use of medical care, production, repair, psychological, catering service for the maternal and neonatal team to provide professional, meticulous and considerate door-to-door service month.

CEO, founder of the best honeymoon Feng Wei pointed out, creating 100 accept venture capital fund investment, mainly is the powerful resource value creating 100 venture capital fund performance out of the professional, efficient and behind have, by creating media resources 100 unique platform, can quickly reach a good honeymoon stage and future development goals of angels.

create a guest 100 investment team and honeymoon executives layer photo

hit off the 100 venture capital fund chairman Cao Jian said: the best honeymoon core team is a young, strong execution, with the Internet thinking of the entrepreneurial team, creating 100 venture capital funds from healthcare, media, video production and many other dimensions to help better team to help grow the honeymoon, honeymoon and good use of the internet intelligent hardware. Through online and offline service processes, the rapid establishment of standardized operation system, ability to be copied. In addition, the fund will also make progress together with the honeymoon, committed to the growth of entrepreneurs.

hit off the 100 venture capital fund was established in November 24, 2015, focused on the field of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship projects, the first phase of 60 million yuan fund-raising, fund LP are heavyweight executives and well-known companies in the Internet industry.

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