Stewardess web site planning experience sharing


in fact, this is not a true sense of the site planning. First of all, I do not have the expertise of this site planning, and secondly, I am preparing for this semester, I do not have much time to delve into this knowledge. I just came up with a little bit of advice from the point of view of an ordinary Internet user.

first, the principle of site positioning

1 "airline stewardess net" serving as airline stewardess exchange platform perspective, "the airline stewardess nets" positioning should focus on strengthening and improving the construction of the forum plate and improved, making full use of the Internet, to mobilize the enthusiasm of this part of the crowd, and actively participate in the discussion.

2 "airline stewardess network" as the intention to become the platform for discussion and exchange of personnel airline stewardess’s point of view, "the airline stewardess net" station location is to provide timely and accurate airlines, aviation colleges and universities and institutions such as the recruitment and training of information, to provide the best special advisory services.

3 "airline stewardess network" as the young friends of the platform’s point of view, "the establishment of airline stewardess net" station, on the one hand, provide a platform for information communication for civil aviation people inside this industry, improve the internal communication and action coordination, strengthen internal staff communication; on the other hand, to provide an understanding of the airline stewardess occupation the window to the outside world, so as to promote civil aviation to a certain extent, to promote the vigorous development of the role of civil aviation.

two, flight attendants function positioning

site functional orientation must be clear. From the principle of positioning can be learned, stewardess network only rely on the civil aviation industry, in order to have a better future, in order to survive and develop. We must take the " service oriented " principle, give full play to the Internet features of cross regional, interactive and real-time, has set up a diversified service function, efficient and convenient network space, more than three kinds of target groups the best quality service. I think we should pay attention to the following functions when positioning the airport website:

1 site function should not be too much. The airport site’s success lies in the characteristics of their service, and not in the cover and contain everything. Running a website is not an easy thing, if you want in a website in Everything is contained therein., it is not possible, the opposite may cause and without any success, sharp rise in the cost of maintenance. Many successful web site is not the pursuit of " and ", but the pursuit of; " small and fine, " this can be from Yahoo history can be seen in this law, it is to " " search engine; the professional services started, it can be said that in the net & quot; but in essence, ". Focusing on the design of the civil aviation services as the center can be outstanding in all types of websites to ensure the authority of the site and irreplaceable.

2 stewardess network function must be based on service. In order to facilitate the target population as a starting point, investigation >

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