dentify fraudulent lottery website of xixingdafa

      online there are many articles to introduce the method, here we introduce some of the more simple method.

      1, look at this site has no forum. Liar website generally no forum.

      why? Because the forum is interactive, he cheated people later, members will be deceived in the forum of the facts reflected. Even if he does not stop the post, but if someone is deceived, will continue to be deceived in various ways the facts. Moreover, the liar site is often done for a few days, cheat a few money on the domain name. A forum to get up, 2 days a day is certainly not good. So, there is no forum to identify is also a good way.

      2, at present, all Baidu lottery key words on the first page of the site do not believe

      can only say that at present, the future will not know. Now lottery key words, money is not a row of formal commercial companies. Because of the formal lottery business behavior, simply can not support such a high advertising costs. There is also an important reason is: formal business companies do not want to be together with these crooks website, fear of affecting their reputation. In fact, from this point of view, Baidu should reflect on the. Earn the money of these crooks website, lost the formal commercial company’s advertising investment, whether it is worth

      3, all sites, said the winning rate of more than 70% of the absolute liar

      no matter when, can remain rational, no problem.

      to ensure the winning rate of 70%, do not say that the number of the number of the full forecast, to ensure that the 10%, it can be very easy to make money stable. There are a number of ways to win the lottery (our website has a master in this regard, is chasing the number, he never said that to ensure the success of 70%, not to mention the forecast number)

      so, see any winning rate to say how much, but also a list of previous records, 100% is a liar.

      4, the official website of any official website, providing a predictive service, is a liar

      the reason is very simple, the official website is not allowed to do this service.

      and what the name of what lottery, lottery authority issue website, but the official name is the use of deception. See this, all is a liar.


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