Crab boss one day running online auction the highest bidding fee of 8 thousand

crab City, such as the stock market up to 8000 yuan a day for

– crab boss collective eat cut off: "money is contributed to Baidu!"

IT Times reporter Tang Xiaoyuan

National Day holiday is over, Shanghai officially entered the crab season, but Shanghai boss Liang jintailiangji crab to "IT times" reporter grumble, "online ranked the most competitive bidding time spent each day will be seven thousand or eight thousand, there is not this kind of money was in prison for

!"The original

, along with the popularity of online shopping, crab crabs sold through the network the proportion is rising, the search engine ranking also has become the focus of mind active concern Hushang crab boss. With sales approaching the peak, the crab ranking promotion of Baidu’s launched a bid "running out of time". The price of the promotion is also all the way up, the crab boss every day to spend a lot of money to promote the fee, they privately a popular joke is: "sell crab profits are contributed to Baidu!"

bidding costs rising, the teeth do "price promotion

a few days ago our crab or Baidu home sticky, down now, because it is too much." Remember, the beam boss "pain" this year Baidu PPC in "the entry price from tens of dollars to several hundred yuan soared, before the Mid Autumn Festival is to reach a peak," home sticky web site every people click once to 200 yuan a day, "price" in the above also spend seven thousand or eight thousand no wonder. The cost of the promotion of the use of a drain, the site disappeared from the rankings, we must continue to invest in line."

in the same period last year, Liang boss have to pay the cost per click top PPC as long as 100 yuan, more than double the rise this year. He felt that this "bid more eye-catching", similar to the auction system to stimulate the many crab boss was not money, the price rises. The beam boss told reporters that the crabs bidding ranking in Baidu over the years are not new, but like this year all the business of crab "rush" led to soaring price bidding situation is the first time. "Just like the stock market, this year’s price is lifted up. Previously, we do not know the network, not to mention the network marketing, online business crab boss far more than now. Now ‘market’ more people, the auction was naturally high speculation."

reporter learned that, at present the crabs Baidu ranked bid prices have declined, but to enter the home page, the cost per click is still around 60 yuan, some crab boss believes that the "price after a period of time will significantly drop, can then 30 yuan to 50 yuan before the three row page." But there is news that due to various reasons this year may be the price of one or two Shanghai Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, so many crab boss shouted "too much", while still adhere to teeth do price promotion. In the beam boss seems that the current search engine ranking is still the industry recognized the most effective promotion >

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