am not a webmaster but have more than N webmaster friends

      53IQ online self-service experience

  speech contest review;     I’m not a master, but I have many N webmaster friends, regulars are also admin, every day will offer a free IP for admin5. Do not look down on a IP ah, and more IP can be added by a IP plus a IP, ha ha. Well, continue to review this contest.

      that is, an invigorating autumn climate osmanthus fragrance of the day, I as usual to open Admin5, see is a composition contest (specifically not remember very clearly, the original bird) Admin5 also provides the opportunity to make money ah webmaster (please forgive me, in is, the Philistine) opened. Read carefully, and then close the. I didn’t attend, I really afraid that some ink disturbance organizers clear eyes, shame. But a terrible idea emerged in my mind: we have to engage in an activity?

      people have thought really terrible, that night I couldn’t sleep, toss about hiding in bed, in the belly with a draft. Second days to work, immediately turned Admin5 QQ. Contact the Admin5 business, not to contact the Admin5 graph king, is not right, finally contacted Admin5 takan, can be described as one of 3 small discount ah, but finally found the right. I have just described with the effect, finally put the specific activities laid down.

      followed by the leadership, the process is much simpler than I imagined, I put the results of the activities of the report, the leadership linked to say 3 good words, my music. I’m finished the atmosphere to the sentence: 53IQ experience speech contest is about to start pulling! (oh, of course, in their own heart to say)

      so I organize activities, details, bonus and so on (thanks to Admin5 here just my comrades, these things are done in his hand, pointing under the specification, thank you!) Admin5, a leading and no problem, find the guy making art promotion pages. Finally, 53IQ online self-service experience speech contest in Admin5 held!

      soon, with the first webmaster feedback, followed by second, third…

      I carefully read the post of the webmaster, the registration of the views and suggestions of the webmaster, give me that little bit of ink organization language to the webmaster reply. Here a point: Admin5 landing forum but landing N times (N is greater than or equal to 5). The original account in the home page is not landing in the forum. Always come back "

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