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Abstract]A shares enterprise Kodak shares invested 2 billion 943 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in 5 domestic enterprises, including wind, the price is 540 million yuan.


Tencent technology Jianping, March 18th, reported

Following the sale of

six rooms, Zhongguancun online price, and Internet companies into the ranks of bondage. A shares enterprise Kodak shares (Stock Code: 600986.SH) today announced the $2 billion 943 million acquisition of 100% stake in 5 domestic enterprises.

Coda, the acquisition of shares of the 5 companies were 100 Fu Si, Shanghai Tongli, Huayi, ylmf, all send Ruiwei line.


To assess the value of

Coda to buy the shares of each company (Tencent technology plan)

, 100 Fu Si transaction price 600 million yuan, 445 million 500 thousand yuan Shanghai Tongli, Huayi all is 450 million yuan, 540 million yuan for 945 million yuan, send Ruiwei line.

which of several companies in the most familiar with the outside world is ylmf ylmf, its operating system (Ylmf OS), 114 site navigation, 115 SkyDrive, 3456 site navigation, 111G operating system, network game information portal website brand ylmf.

ylmf founder Lai Linfeng (micro-blog) and other shareholders Liu Jiejiao, Chen Wei, Zhang Mao, Chen Chong, Liu Weihua, Gong Xiaoyan, Feng Chun technology, 115, pilot funds, investment, investment and other financial wing’s 100% stake held by the wind.


Coda signed

shares with several enterprise agreement on gambling (Tencent technology plan)

Net profit of

Lai Linfeng, Liu Jiejiao, 115, Feng Chun technology promises 2015 year 2016 and 2017 annual wind generated were not less than 40 million yuan, 48 million yuan and 57 million 600 thousand yuan.

if the transaction fails in the 2015 annual implementation is completed, Lai Linfeng, Liu Jiejiao, and Feng Chun technology during the 115 profit compensation and commitment net profit adjusted by the relevant parties will sign a supplementary agreement.

before the transaction, Coda shares mainly engaged in construction and real levels of roads, municipal infrastructure, bridge, water conservancy construction project real estate development sales.

Coda said the shares, in order to enhance the profitability of listed companies, develop new profit growth point, listed companies should carry out business transformation, and strive to enter the emerging industry in the layout of the field of Internet marketing development.

Coda shares believes that after the completion of this transaction, the listed company’s main business will be the new Internet marketing business segment, and the merger of the five target companies have become listed

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