P2P enterprises should be accused of illegal suction treasure no factual basis for response

sina science and technology news April 13th news, yesterday, the network transmission Shanghai Rong Bao Jaeger Le Coulter Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch of the alleged non suction was Shanghai police criminal filing. In this regard, the official evening issued a statement, saying the company suspected of illegal deposits there is no factual basis.

network transmission Shanghai financial elibo Jaeger Le Coulter Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch in Pudong on suspicion of "non-smoking" by the Shanghai Pudong police criminal case in April 12, 2016, the net transfer of a "Notice of filing", said the report by non financial elibo Shanghai branch, Pudong branch of the sequestration issue, after reviewing the case the conditions, this notice has been filed, the filing time is March 21st of this year.

according to whistleblowers provide pictures show, the company is a mess, the wall is on "liar" and "go to jail". According to whistleblowers provide pictures show, the company is a mess, the wall is on "liar" and "go to jail" and other words, the company there is a man downstairs who played "financial elibo also my hard-earned money, the banner. The scene gathered a large number of investors.

12 evening, financial elibo officially released "on the net financial elibo company due to non absorption by the Shanghai police case problem statement", said the company suspected of illegal deposit was no basis in fact, oral or written notice to the company and the Shanghai branch has not received any request issued by the public security organs to assist in the investigation. For the emergence of the company broke the scene in the confusion, Rong Yi said it was deliberately destroyed by some illegal personnel, the presence of the company is not a customer.

recently, the outbreak of the P2P problem platform event. "Kuailu" one after another, "Jin" after another. In addition to the end of the year "e rent treasure" by the impact of the event, people have been talking about the mere mention P2P.

April 8th, Huang Xiaoming endorsement by the P2P platform online traced overdue financial east. After a statement issued by the East Finance Network, said the media reported overdue payment, illegal fund-raising and other issues untrue, saying Huang Xiaoming and the company without any investment or loan relationship".

April 10th, foreign media exposure Chinese regulators are investigating Nanjing Yi Gan Ning Financial Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "easy to dry, or wealth") because of the company’s alleged Ponzi scheme "billion".

net loan home data show that as of March 31, 2016, a total of 1523 problem platform, accounting for 38% of the total. According to this rhythm, then do not know how many P2P platform will be an accident". (Xu Li)

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