Online short rental website airizu also failed the Nandi The climate does not suit one copycat

( A5 station network July 12th news: founded in June 2011, airizu short rental website officially closed on July 11th, the domain name has been unable to log in, jump to the German short rental website web page. Wimdu like love daily rental, holding parties are Rocket Internet Samwer founder of the three brothers. It is reported that the current wimdu China station houses are still the original love daily rental housing supply platform, airizu still has about 20 employees in the maintenance work. Previously broke the European Internet copycat king Samwer crashed again, Chinese, airizu million dollars, two years burning off 80%, but finally closed due to miss the opportunity to acquire and The climate does not suit one.

online short rent, the domestic Internet is still a new thing, the development is still in its infancy. Foreign online short rental market development, the best is established in 2008 in the United States online short rent originator Airbnb, Airbnb is a tourist rental community, rely on each from the deal in selected transactions 10% as a profitable way. Currently, Airbnb has raised $117 million C round of financing, valuation of nearly $3 billion. Wimdu is Airbnb’s copycat. Samwer three brothers with a European "Internet copycat king" of the title, their model is mainly through the high capital investment in some areas of the market has been copycat country blank and successful business model, with a certain scale after being sold to copycat objects or interested buyers. Well known cases of the Alando.De to $50 million sold to eBay, will buy site citydeal to $700 million sold to Groupon, etc.. Samwer three brothers is also a number of investment projects in China, airizu is a relatively large.

Samwer three brothers founded airizu purpose is very clear, they first saw a great business opportunities for the rapid development of the domestic Internet, see online short rental market is still in the blank stage, so I hope through the copycat Airbnb mode, the intention in the domestic online short rental market foundation, and then sold at high prices. Because before the case of Wimdu, Samwer may feel that love is the success in the domestic daily logical. But in the end did not expect the so-called "European Internet copycat king" is on the Internet Chinese zheji copycat country. Love day two years burn tens of millions, but did not expect the domestic Internet and economic environment and the different. Airbnb’s success is based on the mature U.S. Internet environment and long-term accumulation of listings and users. The United States market environment, the degree of interpersonal trust, sharing the spirit is higher than the domestic, the housing market is more mature. The domestic short rental market is still relatively fragmented, the credit system and standardized management has yet to be established. Short hire the most important mode of the site or C2C, which is short rental website accumulation listings >

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