Discuz NT 3 1 version of the home page comprehensive upgrade

the latest news, the day before Comsenz (Comsenz) core ASP.net’s Discuz! NT (http://s.nt.discuz.net) to upgrade again, the new Discuz! NT version 3.1 has been officially released before the Spring Festival, the new version of the system upgrade polymerization Home Forum, improving community portal home page should be in effect.


figure 01 Discuz! NT 3.1 version polymerization home page settings

in Discuz! NT 3.1 version, focusing on the aggregation of the home page features improved and upgraded. The overall display of the forum, in the polymerization of the home page made a revolutionary adjustment, so that users can recommend their favorite posts.


figure 02 Discuz! NT version 3.1 polymerization home application effect

new Discuz! NT 3.1 version of the system can be used to automatically extract data automatically, and can use automated way to let the system automatically filled the recommended items. At the same time, the product design takes full account of the advertising effect, in the system default aggregation page to add a number of advertising, you can freely add advertising in the aggregation page without damaging the integrity and beauty of the page.

in order to allow the webmaster and members more quickly understand the relevant information of the forum, but also in the forum to join the membership posting list, forum posting confidence and other functions. For the installation of the space and the album plugin forum, aggregation home page can automatically identify and call the forum administrator recommended logs, albums, photos and comments and other information. After the upgrade of the Discuz! NT version 3.1 polymerization home function and super large community project solutions combined will fully help the upgrading of ASP.net platform community portal, the reality of the development of domestic mainstream community products synchronization.

need to know more about Discuz! NT 3.1 version polymerization function and application effect of the home of friends, can be aggregated by landing page Official Forum (http://s.nt.discuz.net/website.aspx) experience in the official forum, you can experience the results of feedback, sharing and exchange, and more direct understanding of Discuz! NT 3.1 version and powerful function the user experience.

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