Merger agreement on gambling is demanding group net loan CEO Tang Jun responded not to

Abstract: Although there is no specific data to support, but the profitability of the net loan industry is generally not optimistic, plus big institutionsgradually entering the competition is more intense; the next period of time, the probability of profit of net loan industry showing a trend of deterioration. Net loan to the group’s existing business model, profit can be achieved on the possibility of gambling is very low."


June 1st, the listed companies of Shenzhen haoningda meter Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as haoningda) announced that the company intends to acquire, Tang Jun Zhang Lin holds network information service loan Guangdong Chun special group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as net lending group) 66.0027% stake.

This is due to the

transaction of listed companies and the P2P platform has attracted much attention, both sides of the agreement on gambling is causing heated debate in the industry.

according to the "framework agreement", net lending group in the commitment period the number of actual accumulated net profit is lower than the cumulative net profit commitment number, by Party C (Tang Jun, Zhang Lin) to sell the group net loan made by equity transfer price haoningda shares the discounted cash price limit on haoningda compensation.

industry believes that the above gambling agreement is too harsh. In June 2nd, net lending group CEO Tang Jun in the network responded that he was not sold.

from the response of Tang army, if the profit in the commitment period is not up to the requirements of gambling, but at the time agreed to higher than the valuation of the transaction was third party investment, Party C will not need to pay the profit compensation.

, however, this is not entirely consistent with the framework agreement. So, what is the fact and whether there is ambiguity caused by unclear expression?

June 2nd, the reporter repeatedly call the phone on the matter, no one answered. Since then, the reporter also contacted the group Loan Network News Center Director Li Xianquan, Li Xianquan did not make a positive response to the relevant issues.

industry: group loan network to meet the requirements of

June 1st, Ho Ho, Han Bridge Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Tang Jun, Zhang Lin signed the framework agreement, intends to acquire 66.0027% stake in the group of loans held by the, China and the United States, held by the. After consultation, the group lending network on the basis of the transaction date (April 30, 2015) 66.0027% equity corresponds to the initial valuation of RMB 660 million yuan. After the completion of a new round of net loan 200 million yuan of financing, the proportion of the group held a net loan ratio of not less than 55%, the group will become a subsidiary of the company’s net loan subsidiary.

in the framework agreement, the most stringent content is considered to be on the profits of gambling.

according to the "framework agreement", "the completion of a new round of financing 1 billion 200 million yuan of the total valuation in net lending group, Party C to haoningda commitment net lending group 2015, 2016, 2017 annual net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses were not less than 25 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 115 million yuan. If this transaction cannot be

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