Ministry of Commerce next year China will become the world’s largest online retail market

news agency, June 7 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yu) China Assistant Minister of Commerce Qiu Hong 7 held in Shanghai "2012 China (Shanghai) said the International Conference" online shopping, is expected to 2013, China will become the world’s largest online retail market.

2012 China (Shanghai) International online shopping conference is the focus of the Ministry of Commerce, China’s only international online shopping conference. At the opening ceremony, Qiu Hong said, the development of electronic commerce Chinese although late, but the momentum, the market potential is enormous, in 2011 Chinese e-commerce transaction volume reached 5 trillion and 880 billion yuan, an increase of 29.2%, equivalent to 12.5% of GDP, the size of the network shopping users has reached 194 million people, the total retail sales network more than 750 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 4%.

Qiu Hong said, e-commerce is rapidly becoming Chinese business "the most advanced and the most active and influential" one of the hot spots, China government attaches great importance to the development of the industry, the positive development of this emerging service industry as the service of people’s livelihood, expanding domestic demand and stimulating consumption of the important strategic point and the transformation of economic growth mode the important way.

"2007 of our sales is 10 million yuan, last year reached 3 billion 580 million yuan, the conference exhibitors the brilliance Agel Ecommerce Ltd Marketing Manager Sun Weimin told news agency reporters. Another well-known business Chinese sales this year to 1 in June to 6 billion yuan, more than last year. In recent years the development of e-commerce Chinese, China is one of the fastest growing industries, but also increasingly fierce competition at the same time, with 20 million members of the 1 shop chairman just said: "competition is not a bad thing, through the competition to survive is the best".

just think, comprehensive e-commerce will become the future development trend of China’s electricity business. Deputy general manager of Shanghai area management center Bao Junwei and he holds the same views, he said that the future will change the single appliance sales model into a set of books, department stores, clothing sales, business and public utility charges for the integrated e-commerce platform. Sun Weimin said, "mobile applications" will become the focus of future development of the field of electronic brilliance.

China’s huge e-commerce market also attracted the attention of many overseas businesses. Overseas suppliers to participate in this conference from the United States, Japan, France, Switzerland, Italy and more than 10 countries, more than 1600 kinds of goods displayed. (end)

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