What is a good copy from the Baoqiang Wang incident

Baoqiang Wang incident, immediately on the headlines, and in the entertainment industry and a wave of high tide. When this event became a staple of the people after the meal before tea, as an economic analyst, I see that this is a very good event marketing.

think this period of time, the UNIQLO event, Fu Yuanhui saire event time expression package.


widespread concern about the hot events. After a popular event, there will be an occasion to marketing from all walks of life. What is the occasion to marketing



is taking advantage of the sales marketing is the purpose behind the marketing activities, product promotion into a popular consumer environment, make consumers understand and accept the product marketing products means in this environment.

in this specific occasion marketing case, the consumer is the so-called Baoqiang Wang event like, this is a gimmick, between yourself and your products are just good.


at this time it may be someone will ask, people discuss the promotion of what? In fact, to this step, or need to discuss the classification of the crowd, which can produce benefits, which can focus on us, etc..

there is a demand, you have to meet the needs of the product, and then the equivalent exchange, this is the sale. Method is very simple, in the source of the event and the spread of the crowd mentality. To find a popular event, attracting attention, attracting fans, luring them to profit.

do event marketing, first of all to know people’s psychology:

1 with the psychology, people are feeling the same; 2, go down resonance, let people feel 3 people; psychological ugliness: hit the refrigerator, ice bucket challenge, the boss drink paint, self black, explosive scandal; kitsch psychology of 4 masses: ice bucket challenge, Wang Laoji donated 100 million, looking for the dog, who I donate one hundred to one hundred; 5 people love watching Psychology: Suning Jingdong, Jingdong Taobao price war of eleven between the double pinch, Wang Ziru and Luo debate, Hengda black farmer spring, the chiefs of the gambling agreement; 6 gossip topic: Baoqiang Wang events etc..

can be divided into the event marketing hype and marketing occasion. Manufacturing events, need to attract media attention, to promote the marketing occasion, need to go out; choose optional things, not blindly taking advantage of marketing.

need to consider combining the brand with its rationality and fit, such as Fan Bingbing and Li Chen love exposure, launched the "Bing Bing Lee condom", "ice morning" with the occasion, it is reasonable. Ma Rong Song Zhe incident occurred, Taobao immediately with the underwear, is an occasion.


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