From the media platform

people from the media have their own love platform, see the most is the QQ space, QQ space interactive communication aspects are quite good, so there are so many people love QQ space as their home base is indeed a good choice. Public number is also more popular, many people choose the public number. In fact, the platform is just to show it, the focus is from the media people’s talent, experience, and then there is no good platform for high-quality content is also difficult to do, but the lack of a good platform is also a great loss. Here are some of the good and bad platform.


a, Youku (video from the media)

Youku maximum flow, upload the contents of the audit is not so strict, generally without advertising can pass, Youku is a video from the media paradise, if you love the video Youku mode is good, a lot of funny cartoon video uploaded to Youku playback volume is good, if the amount is large enough to play more than one hundred thousand, it is made it can apply for advertising into, this is also a lot of Youku so many funny content, these people can get Youku advertising commission. Metaphor of runaway comic, logic thinking, Hong view, Tang talk these not only divided into advertising, and copyright fee. Youku is the flow of large, good search engine, marketing products to promote good. The disadvantage is that the video is difficult, the use of video tools also need skills.

two, micro-blog (the hand piece, broke the news from the media)


Steamed Rice once played, now also recommended because micro-blog is still very active in the recent "Tomb notes" on fire are discussed in micro-blog, Iqiyi and micro-blog searches related members tomb too much, a blogger released member account is not in order to suck powder, meet the advertisement live a good many micro-blog scripts by hand, micro-blog spread faster and wider, that "if you well is sunny. You know? Now many news sources are based on micro-blog. If you are a hand piece or cartoon hand then a burst of red man is you. The advantages of rapid propagation, the disadvantage is that friends with rice powder mutual powder.

three, public number (media from the media)

QQ public numbers also surfaced, some people may feel difficult on the choice, but now it is said that the WeChat public number, now from the media to do is WeChat’s public number. Watch TV presenter to remind you scan the number of public concern, Steamed Rice at the city of Guangzhou can buy a ticket for the public number booking, stall boss customer service does not forget to give customers a public number in the name card, today’s headlines have copyright information is public, the local public, like spring shoots up, we are beginning to do public no.. These examples show that the impact of the public number of WeChat is very large, so do not naturally let the media off the fat. The advantages of the application threshold is low, easy to read and easy to spread, many users, the name of the trouble to change the trouble, difficult to promote, background editing also need some tips.


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